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Forum Meeting

Hi Everybody, The meeting  went well. It was attended by Janet Eagland, Natasha Pullen, Angela Lax our councillors. There were various Transport officers from the Council, a PCSO and representative of the Road Haulage Association, Also not forgetting Tim Heminsley. To...

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Meeting and Stickers 31/08/2019

Hi Everybody, Been awhile since last post. I am going to a meeting on Sept 4th to discuss ways to stop the HGVs coming through when roadworks are on the nearby Trunk roads. At the meeting will be Tim Heminsley, Councillor Angela Lax, Highways England, Road Haulage...

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Tonight is very bad. Can I ask if anybody else thinks so ? Thanks Roy    

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Update 08/05/2019

Hi Everybody, Remember me ? Its been a long time since i last sent an update.  But it's been reasonably quiet as of late, still get some coming through,but bearable. Unless you can adivse me its different from your prospective?. This email is though to advise that...

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Eastern Avenue 18/10/2018

Hi Everybody. FYI According to Roadworks.org they are closing Eastern Avenue tomorrow night and the diversion route has been put down the A5127. So it looks like the Rugeley bound Traffic and reverse will be coming down our road for the next 10 nights link to   ...

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update 04/10/2018

Hi Everybody, Long time no speak. Finally got an update from Tim Heminsley. I will also show my reply to him, hope its to your satisfaction. Sorry for duplicates. Roy. Hi Roy,   I’ve travelled around the diversion this morning and it has been put in my place by...

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A5 Closure 16/4/18 till 21/4/18

Hi Everybody. FYI. The A5 Northbound between Wall island and Muckley Corner will be closed from 16/4/18 till 21/4/18 according to Highways England.So Expect some disruption. Only saving grace possibly is they are starting Junction improvements at Rotten Row near the...

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Future Roadworks Near Muckley Corner in March to May 2018

Hi Everybody Its been a while since I was last I touch. Still awful in the daytime with all the Contruction Traffic from the Developments around Lichfield coming through the Town. Been ok a night only now and again HGVs coming past. I have still been busy lobbying our...

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03/11/2017 update

Hi everybody just a little update. An email from Tim heminsley. Good evening Roy, I met with Cllr Eagland and Cllr Pullen on Friday (27th October 2017) where they expressed their desire to see a permanent weight restriction as soon as possible and to look at a...

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