Hi everybody
For the time being the closure is over. But to give you an insight, the were core drilling/testing so in my opinion there will be in the near future  be resurfacing work on the same stretch. I’m in the process of making sure in future that they dont divert down the A5127 again which at the moment is a nightmare. But the problem you have is that even if they sign to go down the right diversion route eastern ave etc  the HGV drivers know the short cut TVR road !!
This is where the problem lies getting the Drivers to adhere to the diversion route.weight restriction is needed.
So to my previous email /update could you please complain to councillors /highways /MP about the recent disruption because all they get is my complaints and they think i am the only one complaining.
I will keep you informed about any updates ok
Sleep Well while you can *I-) sleepy*I-) sleepy