Hi Everybody

Touch FM  Radio station have been in touch and caught me for an interview regarding our issue. It will be put out some time on one of their news items. I did my best to put across our issue and the future problems it will cause if the SCC don’t issue a weight restriction. The gentleman from Touch FM  Seb  caught me a bit unprepared as he asked for a telephone interview there and then so  apologies if I have missed anything important. Don’t know when it will go out but it could add weight (pardon the pun) to our problems. Tried to ring Tim Heminsley today but it appears their telephone system is down so emailed him to ring me. If you know anything that could help our cause and would like to call Seb  he can be contacted on 01926485630  (I don’t think he would mind but if he does let me know ). I have seen where all the data cables are situated in various locations around the city for the survey  but do you know where there is no data cables situated?   TVR/Church St/Birmingham Rd down to the train station.    So no information is being collated on our sections, Strange ??  That’s why I am trying to get in touch with Mr Heminsley  to ask that question.

Again apologies for any duplicates (email)


Roy Appleby