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Email received from Tim Heminsley

No news on investigation yet.

But I know Caroline wood brought it up again at last full council meeting, she is as well waiting for the report from the engineer.

As for the A5127 Traffic light Junctions and missing sections  resurfacing issue  “That’s Yer Lot”  as they say. According to Tim the junctions are “adequate and in tolerance” and will not be dealt with in the  foreseeable future.  Which to me if I am honest astounds me!!  All I can say is don’t be too amazed that a lot of  repair work  isn’t too far away.

Below is the response from Tim regarding the Travel Survey now In operation from 21/09/15 to 02/10/15


Good morning Mr Appleby,

 I have further information regarding the forthcoming traffic survey.

The survey is specifically designed to capture the details of vehicular journeys being made on the highway network in Lichfield City. The County is particularly interested in trips made on weekdays between 0800-0900hrs and 1700-1800hrs (peak hours), identifying where the journeys are being made from and to, what the purpose of those journeys are (education, work, shopping etc.), the type of vehicle (HCV, Light Van, Car). Surveys will be undertaken ‘on-route’ either at the roadside or at car parks by way of an interview process. Traffic count data will be collected simultaneously to allow the sample to influence the overall figures. Data from the 2011 census will also be used to supplement what is collected.

The aim is to produce estimated trip matrices (how many vehicles, what type, where they are going to and from etc.) that will be assigned to a new computer model of the Lichfield Highway Network. This will allow the County Council to assess the impact of new developments and transport interventions (like weight restrictions). It will also be used to make a business case for the proposed completion of Lichfield Southern Bypass. Of course any relevant traffic survey data that the County Council already has will be added to the model as appropriate.

As such it’s not a survey that residents can respond to but rather it is a record of journeys being made on the roads in Lichfield through road side interviews and traffic counts etc.

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this further.


Tim Heminsley

My concern is  “particularly  interested in 08.00 to 09.00 and 17.00 to 18.00 Peak times)”. In my opinion this road is peak time all day !!

Sorry no good news yet  but Keep on Keeping on

Again I will be emailing other people so sorry about any duplicates ok

Roy Appleby