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Been very busy in the last few days I’ll explain why. The Staffs county Council have had 2 days of meetings 1 on the 20/10/15  and 10/11/15 both can be viewed via a webcast. I happen to have watched both last night, a lot to watch I’m afraid but I stuck with it. To keep it short they were about the impact of HGVs around Staffordshire but instigated by the problems of the A515 Kings Bromley/Yoxall. After watching I was a bit upset in so much that if I had known about the meetings it would have been possible for me to have gone and put our issue as evidence towards the problems. As it turns out they know only a little of our issue only a couple of emails and possible verbal requests etc, The lady who is collating the evidence knew nothing of us whatsoever or our action group. Lichfield A5127 Group | Action against lorry traffic on the A5127 . So I emailed her yesterday to inform her about us. I asked her if I could speak face to face to the chairman of the committee to voice our concerns. She has informed the chairman and I am awaiting if my request will be met. In the meantime she asked me to put a short email to her with what I think the Committee ought to know about, various details and technical issues that I believe could influence the committees decision, so I will be writing that up over the weekend because it needs to be done quickly. If you want to view the webcasts you can by going on the links below. You will see the case put by the A515 action group on 20/10/15. Mr Rayson has his input on the  10/11/15 session  I’ll say no more!!.
There were a lot of questions that could have been asked at the 2 meetings that were very relevant but were not and I do think over the 2 days opportunities were missed. The outcome for the A515 could be very significant. For good and bad.
Try and watch some of it you can skip through if it bores you. But for me the 2 meetings spent more time on the need for growth  and infrastructure for the future prosper of the  Staffordshire area than it did for the quality of life for its inhabitants.
The links below were given to me by someone from the council I hope they work.
For meetings before the 1 November go to http://www.staffordshire.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcasts’ (Webcast Library)
For meetings after 1 November 2015 go to http://awsc.connectedviews.com/Live.aspx?i=scc  (On Demand)
Roy Appleby
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