Hi another update

First things first Last night saw a big increase in HGV traffic. Thinking it was roadwork’s or as you know the disruption in power last night I Drove the route, not a problem in sight Traffic lights were working on Wall island
and no roadwork’s . So it now seems they prefer our route to the Trunk network even when our traffic signals are out as they were last night. Today has been a cavalcade of HGVs Since 8.00 till now 13.00. Its totally unacceptable now.
I met Inspector Neeson yesterday after meeting Tim on Tuesday to see his view on a weight restriction. In Theory he is not against it but the practicalities were an issue with him. I pointed out that enforcement would be a 2 way thing with the residents helping as much as possible. But that didn’t persuade him to commit to an answer. He said no one at the moment has been in touch with him regarding our issue. So can I ask if you can  arrange to see him either together or if that’s not possible individually to raise the matter and put forth your commitment to our issue. He got bogged done with resources and costs. I asked should that be the issue nothing should go through and be approved around Lichfield if resource’s is the issue  i.e.: housing projects, town centre projects or things of that nature if you cannot enforce policing issues due to resources . I assured him that a weight restriction would initially stop at least  50% of the problem and informed him, myself and the residents wouldn’t expect overnight success, for the remainder and it would be a gradual process. If we could catch persistent offenders via policing or a Lorry Watch scheme which I could evolve, and fine them and the relevant companies, over time it would eradicate the problem. I informed him that you can do on the spot fines just like you can mobile phone issues and all it would take is the driver to prove where he  been and if he cant he can be fined there and then, do that a few times and I guarantee it will eventually stop. If they have proof or supply proof after they can contest and have the fine squashed as you do for speed /parking offences. We must have the will to do this or nothing will get done.  I reiterate again this issue will have to tackled at some time because with the imminent projects coming to the area  Friars gate /Housing Projects/Liberty Park this road will be an HGV Car Park. Which it is turning into !!
Could you please acknowledge this email and let me know what is going to be done.
I have emailed the residents about a possible future meeting like the one before and at the moment the response is favourable.
Roy Appleby

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