Hi everybody

Tims email

I have spoken to the engineer regarding the feasibility report. Would you like to draft a statement, from a community / action group perspective, detailing the local concerns regarding HCV traffic for inclusion in the report? Community concerns will be acknowledged in the report and the detail you provide will be referred to and added to the appendix. If you could keep the content of the statement based on the impact on the local community that would be really helpful. The technical aspects will be covered by the engineer. I am hoping to see the report finalised in the next week or so. I will share it with the County Councillors first and then I will forward you a copy.

With regard to the TTRO I am working on the next steps to getting agreement from the relevant parties. I will keep you updated on progress.


Tim Heminsley

Let me know your thoughts

Also here’s a link of what the Lichfield civic society think of the friarsgate development. http://www.lichfieldcivicsociety.org.uk/archives/1512_Friarsgate_2.htm

It has a line Quote ” The Society feels that it is inescapable that some form of priority should be integrated into the scheme to secure the safety of pedestrians, but is aware that this would have an impact on the circulation of traffic providing yet another delay on one of the most overloaded roads in the County”.