Met with Mr Raysons (SCC highways officer)  successor  Mr Heminsley today.

He was kind enough  to meet me today to discuss our issues.

Told him a brief history of the issue regarding a weight restriction and how it affected us. He seemed far more responsive than Mr Rayson. He listened and took in all of our grievance’s and he even said “I’m here to help ” which I believe he meant it . He will be seeing the investigation engineer this week and made notes of some of the things I said about the weight restriction, ie : It will force the HGVs down the designated diversion route and hopefully ease the congestion that’s blighting the A5127. He will look at a temporary restriction and see if he can implement it should the need arise. He had to be a bit defensive obviously as he has come into this at the end. I feel he can help us and I think he will try. Will have to wait for the result of the investigation and go from there. I have asked if I can get involved with the investigation in that to give a Residents outlook , he said he would ask the engineer. At the moment I can’t see anymore roadwork’s other than the ones that’s on at the moment, would be intriguing to see what happens should anything untoward happen in the meantime and see how he responds. He’s viewed the videos and will going on our website. He will be keeping us informed with any updates that are relevant. There’s was a lot more said about the disruption the residents have had to suffer,Noise, Lack of Sleep, possible structural damage to houses etc. But all in all I had a positive  feeling when I left.


Keep on Keeping on !!!


R Appleby