Hi Everybody,

Some great news from my latest zoom meeting with Councillors and Highways.

Its been agreed that when the Southern Bypass is completed and open next Summer/September.

The section A5127 from Trent Valley Island to Sainte Foy Ave will be weight restricted. Thus making it only for Delivery/Access.

There is a Map but it has not been sent to me yet showing how it is now and how it will be.

The Council and Highways have finally agreed that other than deliveries no HGV should come near Lichfield Town Centre. They will be sent down the Bypasses which will next year send HGVs around Lichfield not through it if not delivering.

The only downside is that we have to wait for next year and till then any diversions from the A5 and A38, there are no plans to force the HGVs use the diversion route should there be any. So we might have some disruptions till then. I did ask for a temporary order to be put in place when roadworks are on but it fell on deaf ears.

I feel now should the plans go ahead it will make life more bearable for us when roadworks are planned. Daytime should be great as well. Stopping HGVs using it as a short cut.

But as usual my cynical side kicks in and says lets see what happens.

But if it comes about Great.

When the Map is sent to me i’ll send it on to everybody.

Till now and next year lets hope we have no roadworks.

Last thing it proves don’t give up.