Hi Everybody,
Been awhile since last post. I am going to a meeting on Sept 4th to discuss ways to stop the HGVs coming through when roadworks are on the nearby Trunk roads. At the meeting will be Tim Heminsley, Councillor Angela Lax, Highways England, Road Haulage Association and somebody from the District council. I will try and get some form of a plan to stop them. Also according to Roadworks.org we will be getting some disruption soon due to roadworks on the A38 and Wall island, so expect some disturbance. I have now some 30MPH Stickers to put on you dustbins (that was a game in its self). so if you email me your address i will drop down and put them through your letter box. It will at least be a deterrent/notice to HGVs and Motorists  that the speed limit is 30MPH.
I will advise you later as to the outcome of the meeting.
Also the rise in construction traffic will be an issue that i will talk about.
Roy Appleby