Hi everybody
Met with Tim, Councillor Wood, Councillor Finn and the engineer who provided the review of our road. Councillor Eagland couldn’t attend.
To keep it short the engineer was only tasked with doing a basic review and admitted to come to a more reliable conclusion ,further surveys would need to be done on the Bypasses, origins of destination etc. they would need to be financed by the council. So it all comes down to Money I’m afraid.As regards the TTRO for when the A5 etc is closed they are trying to put pressure on Highways England to Fund it. Both Councillors Stated that they would get their Heads together with Councillor Eagland and try and sort something out to try and get something done.
So i’m afraid to say its still ongoing, but while there is problems with the HGVs around Lichfield and Staffordshire as well, lets keep going and not get disheartened we will get something done eventually.
There was a brief from the Engineer about the cost of Signage which i found hard to believe the cost of things and he did mention our issue would cost a lot of money. Which obviously is a concern to our Councillors.
Lets Keep going *:) happy*:) happy
Sorry there is no good news yet
 PS Streethay opens again soon then some of our nice quiet times will be no more.