Dear Mr Appleby


Thank you for your e-mail below and for the opportunity to meet with you at your home with C.Cllr Wood on 10 July.

As discussed at our meeting it is necessary to conduct an investigation into the wider impact of a weight restriction on the A5127 Birmingham Road / Church Street / Trent Valley Road before either a temporary or permanent Traffic Regulation Order is implemented.  As you have suggested in your last paragraph below, this is a matter that potentially affects Lichfield as a whole.  Therefore, the displacement of traffic from a restricted route and its potential impact on lower category roads must always be considered before any changes are made.

You have made me aware that you believe the implementation of a weight restriction on the A5127 will have no impact on other routes through Lichfield (i.e. routes other than the agreed diversion route for trunk road closures).  The investigation will establish if this is indeed the case and what the signing requirements (and subsequent costs) for a weight restriction are likely to be.  Funding for any proposals put forward from the investigation would then have to be sought.  As previously advised the investigation is programmed to take place during August and September by an Engineer that is also assigned to another project in the area looking at a signing strategy to encourage use of the trunk road network between Tamworth, Lichfield and beyond, to reduce the pressure on routes through the urban areas.  The alignment of the two investigations is considered to be appropriate and does not distract from either’s objectives.

I appreciate things have not moved forward as quickly as you would have liked; however, I hope the above information is useful to you.


Mary Anne

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