Latest after news item in this weeks Lichfield Mercury


Hi Everybody
Just an email informing you of the impending closures of the A5 between Muckley corner and Wall island.
Starting 8th of Feb till 4th of march. I’m hoping HE will sign for the diversion down the Bypasses but I’m not crossing my fingers for the HGVs adhering to it.
So expect a lot of disruption and if its as bad as I think I will be   again please contact your councillors with your concerns. You will be aware from the news in the Lichfield Mercury that the Kings Bromley A515 has failed this time for a weight restriction. there is also some traffic surveys commencing on the 4th and 9th of Feb in Lichfield. if you look on and click on the tag to show incidents for the next few months it will show you all that happening in our area (not good reading I’m afraid).
If you read the Mercury item Lorries on A515 should be using the A38 say village residents you will see what Mark Deaville has to say. I have sent him an email in reply to what he said. May i suggest you do the same.
I hope you all email your councillors and Mr Deauville ( as I feel they just ignore me now.
Here Is the email I sent him and our councillors::
Today at 13:28
Hi Mr Deaville
I read with great interest the recent news items regarding the Forum and the issues on the A515 through Kings Bromley Etc .
You have known about these problems ( and our issue the A5127) for years yet nothing is being done ?
You say in your statements that you now have an understanding of the issues and can now be proactive in dealing with them.
Well you have have a chance now.
According to The A5 is being closed for nearly a month from 8th of Feb till the 4th of March. The Westbound is being closed  again for resurfacing so the diversion route is the A461/A51/A5192.
I presume HE will sign for the diversion but I guarantee the HGVs wont adhere to it and still use the B’ham Road/Church St/ Trent Valley Road as a short cut.
So here’s your chance to issue a TTRO weight restriction to make the HGVs adhere to it.
The SCC have the power to do it so here’s your chance to do what you say and what the residents want.
I have cc the local county councillors/ Tim Heminsley and other officials involved in Highways in this email so they are aware of the impending closures.
I hope that they also voice their concern to you.
It is not going to go away and will only cause more anger among residents until you decide to do something about it.
Many Thanks
Roy Appleby
Anything you can do to help please do and lets see what happens
Roy Appleby