History of the A5127   2014

Here’s a brief history of how the issue came about.

February last year 2014 there were major roadwork’s for the Wall Island. Initially the works were to last from Feb 16th to middle of June. After a while I notice a huge increase I HGVs at night coming through Lichfield between the hours of 21.00- 06.00. I investigated the issue and found out that the A5127 (Birmingham rd/church st/Trent valley road) was the old official diversion route. Looking at it more closely it appeared to me that we have bypasses for Lichfield which at the time I thought that’s what they were built for (Bypass the Town Centre). After 2 months and numerous emails to and fro to the SCC and Highways England I got the both of them to agree that the A5127 was not suitable for HGVs and a Diversion Route. Finally August the 2nd the Diversion route around Lichfield was officially changed to be the A51 Western Bypass and the A5192 Eastern Bypass. Bearing in mind that the project should have been completed in June! As it turns out the project would not be finished till September the 18th. An overrun of 3 months. Thinking ok that should do it.

How wrong was I!!

The HGVs totally ignored the diversion route and kept coming down the Town Centre route. It was estimated that 75% of the HGVs ignored the Signs. Getting back onto the county council they said they could not help. Cutting a long story short I found out they can by issuing a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO).But would they no. The project finished in September, all was quiet for a couple of moths then again more roadwork’s for a month, more disruption. Then again for a short time in January. Finally again in March for 6 weeks resurfacing the A38 it again happened this time we were getting all the A5/A38 traffic through Lichfield
Feeling Alone I thought there must be others affected by this, so I stared delivering flyers asking if anybody was affected by this. After that things went crazy and it appears everybody along the said roads was affected. So I organised a Meeting that was held at Tesco and attendees were Councillor Caroline Wood, Councillor Terry Finn and MP Michael Fabricant as well as police and highways officials. It has been in the press twice as major stories.
We are at a stage were the SCC are going to instigate an investigation to the impact of a weight restriction on the A5127. I feel they are dragging their feet hoping it is going to go away.

It Won’t!!.

You now have the impending Friarsgate development of the Town Centre and all that entails (Cement Mixer Lorries/ Construction Traffic etc. as well as deliveries.) also the intended new estate of houses down near Streethay , As well as by the time the SCC agree to a weight restriction (that’s if they do??) you are going to have a lot more disruptions from the A38/A5 Trunk network as there are more roadwork’s coming our way for the foreseeable future. There are other aspects of the story that can be said but would take too long to explain. All in all there is going to be a hell of a lot more traffic down the Town Centre unless we can persuade the SCC to do something about it?
Footnote: Ryknild Street has a Weight restriction after a disruption of only 2 weeks 3 years ago.
So far since February 2014 till now we have had to endure 9months out of a possible 16months!!
We need to force the SCC to act on our behalf to Discourage the HGVS not to use the Town Centre route.

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The official diversion route as of August 2014