Hi Everybody,
The meeting  went well.
It was attended by Janet Eagland, Natasha Pullen, Angela Lax our councillors. There were various Transport officers from the Council, a PCSO and representative of the Road Haulage Association, Also not forgetting Tim Heminsley.
To keep it short, It went well our councillors were definitely on board and very vocal on our behalf. Now there will be a survey/data and the usual protocol to go through. I personally think now things will happen but how long it takes who knows.
But I feel a positive vibe at least.
We will probably hear nothing for a while, but I have informed our councillors that should any disruptions still happen we will make them aware that it is still happening.
Can I ask you to get in contact with your Councillor and thank them personally for their support.
Also if you could email the Council Planning Dept to complain about the Construction traffic using the Town Centre Road to service the housing developments in the daytime. There are traffic conditions on the developments but they are not adhering to them. If they have a few more complaints maybe they might do something about it.
Slightly more optimistic than before. But time for things to happen will be probably be most annoying.
PS still have some 30MPH stickers left if anybody is interested.