Hi Everybody,
Been fairly quite over last few months except for the ocasional disturbance at weekends due to the diversion for the HS2 Slip road.
The A38 being closed from 22.00 to 06.00 on Friday/Sat/Sun. Unless you found it more severe if so let me know?
Meeting was held and all the people involved were there. Cut it short our councillors were there Natasha Pullen and Janet Eagland.
Upshot is they are going for funding for signage (what signage is a bit Vague) after a survey was done by Amey in October on the A5127 Town Centre Road. They briefly gave out a few stats which I found to be a bit iffy (very iffy). So I am waiting for the copy of it so I can compare it to the one they did in Febuary 2016. But things are moving in the right direction albeit slowly. Still I find the Traffic in the Daytime more annoying with the increasing  number of construction traffic using it. If anybody would like a copy of the surveys let me know and i will forward them. Actually they are very interesting.
Kept it short but if there is anything that you find I am missing please let me know. If i don’t hear anything i can assume everything is fine?
Be in touch soon when i have more info