Hi Everybody
I am meeting with Tim Heminsley on Nov 4th together with the Engineer and the various councillors regarding the review of our roads. I see there is further backlash regarding HGVs around lichfield, Issue is on Central News today and also page 2 of this weeks Lichfield Mercury. I think its mostly about Kings Bromley/Yoxall Etc: but some of our issues have been linked to it. Micheal Fabricant was on Central news stating this.So its in the public eye again which is good. I will be in touch with the outcome of the meeting and give you my views.I will be emailing Mr Fabricant just to make him aware we have not gone away.(you may also wish to do that if you want, would’nt hurt would it ?) In the meantime still enjoy the Streethay closure because it won’t last much longer then the through traffic will start again *:(( crying*:(( crying
Still waiting to see if my request to be on the SCC Forum has been given some thought.
Liberty Park i believe will have certain conditions on the HGVs that service it.It seems that they should use the A38 Route at all times (like it is now ) and not go down the section of the A5127 Streethay Section to get on/off the A38.It appears that that section is part of the Primary Route Network and a weight Restriction cant be done, Where as our section (B’ham road to Trent Valley isn’t so you can put a restriction on it if the SCC are prepared to do it.
Again sorry for duplicate emails
Many Thanks
Roy Appleby