Hi Everybody

Had a letter from Mr Fabricant stating he has had a letter of acknowledgement from the CEO of SCC John Henderson regarding our request for a weight restriction. Mr Heminsley is back off holiday and he has emailed me saying he is getting in touch with various people in regard of our issue and is waiting for replies. As you are aware the roadwork’s have finished on the A38, Disruption wasn’t that bad but as I am writing this there seems to be a few HGVs coming down tonight, why I have no idea!!. Drove the A38 and A5 tonight no roadwork’s or problems around. Weird!! While I am here  I would like to comment on the newly resurfaced A5127.Every junction where there is Traffic Lights has been ignored. The state of some of them is appalling especially near Wissage Road. I mentioned this to Mr Heminsley and ask him to Drive the route and to give me his opinion. Just a little observation I noticed with the recent rain when I went down the road after it rained the new depressions in the newly laid surface was the width of would you believe the same width as the HGVs not cars!! See if you notice this as well next time it rains. Especially from Richer Sounds down to the new Fire Station.

Will be in touch again when I have something. Also don’t forget if you have something to say or would like some questions answered don’t be afraid to say and ask.

Keep on Keeping on !!


R Appleby