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The Lichfield A5127 Action Group
This website was Devised and Developed to assist in the aim to gain a Weight Restriction on the section of the A5127 that runs through Lichfield.

It incorporates Birmingham Road, Church St and Trent Valley Road. We have an ongoing issue with the Staffordshire County Council which involves the use of a Diversion route around Lichfield.

The SCC (Staffordshire County Council) and HE (Highways England) agreed the new Diversion Route around Lichfield to be, the A51 Western Bypass /A5192 Eastern Bypass. This takes the traffic around the North of Lichfield through a less populated area of the city.

At present the HGVs at night when roadworks are ongoing on the trunk network around Lichfield the HGVs use the Town centre route straight through Lichfield, as this is the shorter route. Most refuse to use the designated diversion route, so a restriction is the only way to enforce them to use it .
I have lived in Lichfield since 1996 and have seen a massive increase in Traffic, HGVs as well as the usual commuter traffic. Since 1996 we have had the Tesco Superstore built/Aldi and a refurbishment of the old town centre and other various so called improvements to the city.

We would like you to use the website as focal point for updates and comments to be made to keep Residents not only of the A5127,  but of all of Lichfield informed of future Closures of the Trunk Network around Lichfield (A5/A38/A5148).

These closures are the main cause of the disruption to the residents of Lichfield with increased traffic noise.

This Website is not just for the Residents of the A5127, it’s for all the Residents of Lichfield who are affected by issues of increasing Traffic or care for this city.

We believe the city of Lichfield should not have to suffer the volume of traffic that’s occurring now and will only increase when the new Friarsgate development starts next year, but also the new intended estate near Streethay. I did inform the Lichfield District Council at the time Tesco’s was approved that the road would become gridlocked and it’s not far of that now .

So if we act now maybe we can at least have some form of Normality for the Town Centre.  On the website you will find updates of future disruptions that may affect you and also if possible future items that may be relevant.

So I would like to invite you to join our struggle to make Lichfield a more enjoyable place to live and to make it more desirable to visit.  Please Subscribe to help us and post any comment or questions you would like to ask and we will endeavour to answer them.

Other aspects to consider is not only the noise at night (affecting quality of life)  but the structure damage the HGVs can be causing to your house as well as the damage it is doing to the roads.

The SCC has just spent a huge amount of money on the road repairs that the previous 16 months has caused.

Latest Updates

Weight Restriction Update 7/02/2022

Hi Everybody Update of Progress. Good morning Roy, I trust you are well. Apologies for the delay in responding but I have been waiting for a reply from the Staffordshire County Council street lighting contractor E.on with regards the programming of the signage works...

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Recent Correspondence from SCC / Amey

Good Morning Mr. Appleby, In response to your query. There is an existing zonal environmental weight limit which covers the northern part of the city that prohibits vehicles over 7.5t except for access. This is indicated by signs located along Eastern Avenue at the...

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